Can We Ask God About Anything?

The question that some people may ask is, “Can we ask God about anything?”

The answer is HEAVEN YEA!! You can seriously ask Him ANYTHING!

It can be about your past, present, future, your current job, the career you’ve been wanting, the spouse you’ve been looking for, any concerns or worries you may have, ANYTHING!

Present Struggles

One of the things most of us are concerned about is our current struggles in life.

Sometimes in life a lot of things just pile on top of each other and everything becomes overwhelming very quickly.

Guidance from God’s Word



One of the things I like to do is going to God’s Word and listening to what He has to say about my current situation.

I read the Gospel readings for the day through this website and if a verse strikes me for any reason, I pause and pray about it.

When this happens, God is usually trying to tell you something. You may not know why you felt the way you did when you read that verse but that is God’s invitation for you to talk to Him about it more.

Don’t be afraid! Ask Him what He’s trying to tell you!

I touch on this topic about reflecting on God’s word in more detail in this post.


Comfort through God’s Word


One thing I recommend when a bible verse strikes you is to write it down on your phone somewhere.

EvernoteWhat I like to use is Evernote. I have had this app on my iPhone for almost 10 years now! It’s free and their servers have never ever failed me. Maybe that’s why they’re called Evernote hmmm…

I mean, sure you can use Notepad on your iPhone if you’d like but I never really use the iCloud service. Frankly, I think it’s a hassle.

Anyway, I write down that verse that struck me on Evernote and then throughout the day I refer back to that verse.  I treat it like a text message from God. Just like the text messages you get from people, try and look at that verse as much as you look at your texts.

You will find that the more you do this, the more refreshed and strengthened you will feel by God’s Word alone.  His Word can literally sustain you through the day.

Worrying about the Future


Everyone gets worried about something. Shoot, I know I do. You may have worries of your own right now but that’s okay!  It’s normal to feel worried but what we do about that worry is what matters.

What I usually do when I’m worried about where I’m headed in life is that I go to God first. The reason why is because He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

If I’m going to talk to anyone, it’ll be the One who knows the best way for me to solve things–God. He knows the big picture of my life and I know that He will guide me in the best way possible.

I spill everything to God with no filter. He can be your best friend that will never judge you and will always listen to you.

Prayers like the Our Father and the Hail Mary are insanely helpful, but you don’t necessarily need to pray in a proper way to God. Just talk to Him normally like you would with a close friend!  He’s more than willing to hear you out.

Spill all your worries, doubts, struggles, and concerns about the future to Him. There’s no need to rush it either. Just take your time talking to Him.

You can talk to Him in your room, outside, while you’re working, in the bathroom, anywhere! Better yet, come over to one of His houses at any Christian church (He has a lot of them) and He will be there always ready to welcome you and chill with you.


listen in silence

After you spill your guts to Him, make sure to take some time to listen.

He’s the best person that knows how to help you out. After all, He is God. In Jeremiah 1:5, God says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” He’s known you all your life, even before you were born!  Isn’t that crazy??

No one knows you better than yourself other than God so why not listen to what He has to say?

When you take even just 5 minutes to listen to Him, He may or may not say anything to you. If He does, it’ll usually come as a gentle whisper. Try to really ask Him to help you quiet your heart and mind so you can hear Him.

On the other hand, if He doesn’t say anything and you’re just sitting there in silence, that’s normal too!  He’s silent most of the time anyway but don’t worry, it’s during this silence that He’s massaging your heart and bringing you peace.

I gotta be honest with you though, in order for Him to bring peace in your heart, you got to give Him at the the very least, 15 minutes of your time. If you can spend an hour with Him in silence, even better. The best place you can do this is at your local church or chapel.

I touch more on this topic about peace and silent prayer in this post.


St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, “If we really want to pray, we must first learn to listen. For in the silence of the heart, God speaks.”

One of the things I like to do in my long commute home is to just sit there in the car and listen to God. I turn off my music, roll down my windows to get some fresh air, and just sit there in silence.

I let God speak to me in that silence. Most of the time He’s not really saying much or anything at all, but I can feel Him filling my heart with His peace.


Give this a try!

pray and listen

I know you got your Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever app you use to listen to music but once in awhile, try to turn off all the noise and just sit there in silence with God.

Call on Him and ask Him, “Hi God, what would you like to tell me today?”

This will allow you to start opening your heart to Him in conversation. If He doesn’t say anything after awhile, feel free to ask Him anything. He already knows what’s in your heart but He still wants to hear from you personally.

You may find yourself spilling a lot of things to Him that’s been bugging you for quite some time. If this happens, just keep being open!  Keep talking to Him! You’ll feel more relieved as keep doing this.

Once in awhile though, like in a real conversation, allow Him to respond — either with silence, words, or however else He wants to talk to you. This is when He can start filling you with His peace.

After talking to Him, you will feel more refreshed than how you started out. Imagine doing this every day!  He will just keep filling your heart with more and more of His peace!

Bible Verse I Like to Pray


If you have no idea what to say to God, that is totally fine!  Sometimes the simplest prayers speak more than the long ones.

In my experience, praying  “Lord help me…” especially when you’re sobbing is more than enough for God.  In fact, God listens to this kind of prayer even more because it comes from the heart.

Sometimes, looking at the Book of Psalms is a great to start a prayer if you really need help getting the words out. One of the verses I like to pray when I just can’t find the words is this:

“O LORD, hear my prayer, and let my cry come to you. Hide not your face from me in the day of my distress. Incline your ear to me; in the day when I call, answer me speedily.” (Psalms 102:2-3)

“O LORD, hear my prayer, and let my cry come to you” tells God straight up that you need His help and that you want your concerns, worries, and struggles to be heard by Him.

“Hide not your face from me in the day of my distress.” — although Christ will NEVER ever leave you, this is a part of the verse that helps you pray from the heart and call out on Christ during that moment of distress.

“Incline your ear to me; in the day when I call, answer me speedily” helps your heart be reassured that Christ is really listening to you and that He will answer your prayers in His perfect time. Just ask for His patience and cling to Him while you wait for an answer.

To summarize, seriously, ask God ANYTHING, talk to Him about ANYTHING. He’s your everlasting homie and there’s nothing you can say to Him that will make Him stop loving you. He is there for you always.

God bless you!




If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! Talk to you soon!

6 Replies to “Can We Ask God About Anything?”

    1. Thank you Cheyanne! Yes it’s very nice to just quiet down sometimes and listen to what God is trying to say to us. Thanks for stopping by Cheyanne!

  1. Hi Mark,
    I really love your website, and you are an engaging and entertaining writer so you drew me in straight away.
    The way that you speak about your faith is really inspiring and it struck me what you say about sitting in silence for at least 15 minutes to talk to God, as I meditate every day and this has the same effect. I find peace and get messages from what I call the Universe; but it’s actually all the same thing, you’re just using a different line to connect.

    It’s all so amazing huh? I love it and appreciate all of it. Peace be with you 🙂

    1. Hi Stefanie!

      I’m glad you love my website! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      I am glad that you find peace in meditation! I really like what you said about how the Universe and God are practically the same thing and that we are just using different lines to connect. I really like that metaphor!

      I totally agree, it’s amazing stuff! Peace be with you as well Stefanie! God bless!

  2. Great article about talking to God! It’s encouraging to see you write about coming quiet before the Lord in such a comfortable way!
    Jesus equates us asking God for things to a man knocking on his neighbors door in the middle of the night asking for 3 loaves. The neighbor gives him the loaves due to his shear boldness. How much more will the Father give to us than that!
    Thanks for such a refreshing article! Keep on keeping on brother!

    1. Hey Steven!

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad this article uplifted you! Yea I talk to God quite a lot–we’re best buds lol.

      I remember those verses about the persistent neighbor! That is very true. We just need to pray to God with persistence and He gives us even way more than we could ever imagine.

      Trusting Him is the challenging part but it’s worth it!

      Thanks for stopping by Steve! God bless!


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