Searching for and Maintaining Peace Book Review – Finding Peace and Not Go Crazy

Book Title:  Searching for and Maintaining Peace – A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart

Author:  Father Jacques Philippe

Price:  $9.11 (new)  $7.00 (used)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Number of Pages:  118 pages

Book Dimensions:  4.2 x 0.5 x 6.8 inches

My Rating:  9 out of 10


Have things been crazy in your life?  Do you just want to find peace from everything that’s been going on lately?

This book will definitely help you find the peace you’ve been looking for. 

Searching for and Maintaining Peace – A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart is about finding peace, actually maintaining it, and not going crazy. Don’t let the rest of the title of the book intimidate you. “Treatise” basically means this book will break it down for you on how to find peace with God’s help.

Father Jacques Philippe


Father Jacques Philippe

The author of this book is Father Jacques Philippe, a French priest and world-renowned charismatic speaker who has sold MILLIONS of copies of his books about prayer, interior freedom, and peace in one’s heart.

I actually met Father Jacques Philippe at my church and he had at least two sessions where he talked about prayer and peace for an hour long each! This guy is suuuper down to earth and has A TON of wisdom to share that He learned from God! I definitely learned so much from him!

Recommended Reading Pace


read book

I recommend taking your time when you read this book. It’s not like one of those fictional books where you can just power through chapter by chapter. Each page has a lot of things you can learn about how to obtain peace and you’re going to want to take your time with it!

Get your highlighter ready because you will definitely highlight the heck out of this book with the amount of good things you’ll learn. There were honestly a lot pages where I felt that I highlighted pretty much everything lol.

This book took me just about 3 weeks to read. I know you may be thinking, “Wow that’s kind of long” but hey, I’m a slow reader lol.  I also took the time to reflect on the things God was teaching me through this book.

The reason why I gave this a 9/10 is because this book can get pretty dense at times. There were certain points in the book where it’s not an easy read. Some of the things he teaches can be a lot to take in, but overall that is actually a good thing because there is a lot to learn.

I recommend reading about 2-3 pages at a time and pausing in between paragraphs if you feel the need to reflect or if you feel like something struck you from what you read.

You don’t really need to sit down for hours at a time to read this book (although you can if you want!). You can spend only about 15-30 minutes at a time if you’d like and you’ll still get a lot of what you read.

The fact that this book is pretty thin too and is just about 6” in length is very helpful. I carried this book in my jacket when I used to work outside as a valet and I read it whenever there was down time. It really made me feel refreshed throughout my work day.

One Thing I Learned from this Book


sun reflect on ocean

One example of what you can learn from this book is how your heart’s disposition can affect how you can take in and reflect God’s light.

Imagine yourself standing by the ocean shore. When there are strong winds creating big waves, you notice that the reflection of the sun and sky isn’t that clear. In fact, it can even be hard to see at all.

When the sea is calm with very little to no waves, you can see the reflection of the sun and sky a lot more clearly.

This is the same with our hearts. If our hearts are restless and doing all these things that are not really what God would like us to do, it’s a little tough to feel God’s presence in our lives.

If our hearts are at peace in Christ, it’s a lot easier to take in the warmth of God’s light and reflect it more clearly towards others. People will just notice and feel more at peace when they are around you because your heart is at peace and it naturally emanates it.

In order to obtain peace, you need to spend some time with God who can calm the raging waves in your heart. I actually have tried this out and it works.

There have been countless times where I was experiencing all this turmoil from all the things I was going through.

I stopped by my church’s adoration chapel quite a lot and the time I was in there varied. Sometimes I was in there for just 10 minutes, other times 1 hour.

There were actually a few times where I was praying in there for about 3 hours! Those 3 hours went by like nothing though because I spent half the time rambling to God about all these things I was going through and half the time trying to listen to Him.

Each time I went into the chapel, I always came out a lot more at peace than when I came in. My situation may not have changed, but my heart definitely did, all thanks to God.

See, that was just ONE of the things that I learned from this book. There is definitely plenty more of that if you read this book.

Priceless Wisdom


Searching for and Maintaining Peace on Amazon

This book is seriously worth the price. I mean come on, it’s only about $9 on Amazon for a new copy and $7 for a used one. That is seriously so cheap compared to the PRICELESS wisdom you’ll get from God through this book.

It’s got a 5-star rating on Amazon and has a ton of great reviews. If you want to start finding out how to obtain peace in your life, feel free to pick up a copy at

This book has definitely helped me obtain and maintain peace in my life. I am sure it will do the same (if not more) for you.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about this book and I will do my very best to answer them 🙂

Hope you found this helpful!

Thank you so much and God bless!!


16 Replies to “Searching for and Maintaining Peace Book Review – Finding Peace and Not Go Crazy”

  1. Peace within and without is what the whole world is yearning for. Peace of mind is what has eluded many and caused alot of strife in families, homes and communities. The peace we seek in our daily lives begins with us and we must try to get it.. Searching for and maintaining peace by Father Jacques Philippe is a prized possession and this is the time we need such book most

    1. I totally agree Sammy. Peace definitely begins within us which will then spread to our families and communities. It is what every person yearns for even if they don’t know it. It is a bit sad though that it is often times the last thing people seek.. Yes this book is definitely needed today!

      Thanks for stopping by Sammy!

  2. Peace is one thing Satan tried his all time best to rob me of. And ironically, my name is Peace. I battled tons of challenges right from birth. 

    I wasn’t even given a chance to taste normalcy before I started being tossed to and fro like the waves. 

    Every waking thought was a torture, but I am grateful for the peace that the Prince of Peace brings. 

    I will recommend this book to any one who’s struggling with their peace of mind. 

    1. Hello Peace,

      That is such a great name! Thank you so much for your openness. Satan is a bully and I am so sorry for all the trials you had to face right from birth. You must have grown so much stronger through these.

      I am very glad for the peace and strength God has given you all throughout these years! God bless you Peace!


  3. Wow, this book seems very insightful. I like the way you describe the calm sea in respect to our own hearts. When things are rough in our life, sometimes the hardest thing is to look for peace because we tend to focus on what is disrupting the peace.

    1. I am glad you like the imagery Melissa! Fr. Jacques Philippe gave that insight and there’s more where that came from in this book! That is very true. When things are rough, we tend to focus on the pain rather than the peace we should strive to look for. We do need God’s help to help us seek and receive this peace from Him.

      Thanks for stopping by Melissa!


  4. Thank you for your review Mark – I am definitely going to get a copy of this book for myself. What Father Jacques Philippe is trying to teach us is so important to our calm and loving feelings for God and His lessons of peace to us. I have spent a lot of time in my church chapel as well, and it gives me a peaceful, quiet, time to reflect on what I think are my troubles – when I come outside I feel refreshed and calm and bathed in God’s love. I want to read this book to find other ways of achieving this in my daily life. Thanks so much for introducing me to this book and the message it holds!

    1. No problem Lindsay! Yes, Fr. Jacques Philippe definitely goes in depth to the peace of God that He offers us. The book is very insightful and you’ll be glad that you have a copy!

      Ah I know exactly what you mean. Time with God in the chapel is definitely time well-spent. I like how you described that you felt refreshed and bathed in God’s love. That is so true!

      God bless you Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is a gem to find. Reading a book about peace is probably exactly what I need right now because my life is so hectic and mentally it has all taken a toll on me. I miss the days I use to frequent church and often feel like I need to get myself back into going, sometimes it’s that I feel i have fallen so far from my faith. Maybe this book is what I need to get me back into the swing of things. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be going to check out this book now! Great find.

    1. Hello Jenny, I am glad God led you to this book. Yes this book is definitely such a great start in finding peace in God. Oh man, I am so sorry.. the busyness of life may have gotten you feeling so drained..

      The great news is it is never too late to start going to church again. God has never left your side and is always there to welcome you with open arms. If you do get this book, maybe read a page or two while sitting at your local church or chapel? I bet God will help you find even more peace being in His house and in His presence 🙂 God bless you Jenny!

  6. This book “Searching for and maintaining peace” seem to be very interesting as it is sharing about peace. It is indeed the book of the time when so many persons mind are in a turmoil and they need peace to calm down. I do believe that you should continue to spread this book around the world as its messages are real.

    1. Hi Dahlia,

      I totally agree. Peace is very much need in so many people’s lives right now. There’s so many crazy things going on in the world and every person is going through struggles of their own. God’s teachings about peace through Fr. Philippe’s work can definitely help. Thank you for your thoughts Dahlia!

  7. God bless you Mark! Peace is something we all long for and unfortunately have a hard time finding it. We try to do everything ourselves and the burden is too heavy. God wants to help us, we just have too much pride. This book sounds very helpful. It sounds like having a journal while reading the book would be a benefit. Thank you for reviewing and pointing this book out to us!

    1. Thank you Tammy for your thoughts!

      That is very true that a lot of us try to do everything ourselves and yes our burdens are just too heavy. God is always there to help us with our struggles and help us find true peace that can only be found in Him.

      Ah yes, a journal can definitely be helpful while reading this book!

      God bless you too Tammy!!

  8. This book sounds really great. What you wrote about the waves and God’s reflection in our lives really made a lot of sense. Super wonderful analogy.

    I have not read many self-help, or religious type books in my life, but I have read a few. When I did take the time to do so it really made a difference.

    It has been a long time since I took the time for some truly deep self reflection, but reading your post made me think it may be time to dive in and do it again.

    It was very helpful for you to relay that even just reading the book a few minutes at a time is all you need. Many people seem to think reading a book is like a race to see how fast you can get through it, but it can be nice to take your time. Especially with a book like this one that sounds pretty deep.

    Thanks a lot for your insight!

    1. You’re very welcome Jamie!

      Ah yes, I learned that waves analogy from Fr. Jacques Philippe! That is just one of the insights he shared. There’s a ton more in the book! I’m glad you found it very helpful!

      Doing some self-reflection and spending some time in prayer really makes a HUGE difference. Especially if you do your reflection with Christ, you’ll get the best guidance and direction you’ll ever get in life! I can personally attest to this!

      It is definitely nice to take your time reading a book such as this. It is very relaxing not having to rush through it lol.

      Thanks for stopping by Jamie!


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